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Design and Installation

Commercial Design and Installation is where Southern Creations Landscaping began. Since 1987 Southern Creations Landscaping has provided our clients with a creative, functional and quality landscape design and installation. The Design and Build approach for a client typically produces a more diversified landscape, with plant selections that are proven winners and often show significant cost savings. Southern Creations Landscaping can also provide "Value Engineering" recommendations to already designed project at the clients request. Southern Creations Landscaping embraces the opportunity to work with our clients to transform their conceptual ideas into positive results. Southern Creations Landscaping will ensure true value, while providing a professional landscape.

Southern Creations Landscaping's overall goal for Commercial Landscaping Installation is to work with the General Contractor , Property Manager and/or Owner to be that "go to" subcontractor that gets the project completed at the highest standard, in a timely manner, within budget and without any interruption to the client.  Southern Creations Landscaping projects provide a consistent image of the property that reflects quality and professionalism. The result will be a landscaping that is pleasing to the tenants while maximizing the investment of the owner.